stun baton

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a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock


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Police sources said: " A few days ago, a police stun baton with built- in torch was provided to all the police personnel, including the higher- ranked officers, in all the districts, and they have asked to be armed while on patrol duty, especially during odd hours.
Left-wing MP Mihail Mihov argued that youths had got beaten up with stun batons at the police department in Skravena.
The scientist, a new character that was unavailable in the open beta version of the game, uses an arsenal of weapons, including an air taser, capacitive dart, stun baton, pepper spray, pepper grenade, and foam, to stun as well as kill opponents.
Now she's traded the gun in for a 2,000-volt stun baton - and a whole lot of confidence that has more to do with what she has done about her fears than what she carries under her jacket.
security scanners, stun batons, stun flashlights, stun guns, surveillance cameras and systems, and more.
At least 10 workers were hurt during the crackdown, which followed violent scenes at the same factory last week when riot police allegedly used stun batons against strikers, who have now been protesting for more than a week.
Police used stun batons to disperse strikers on Monday, she said, injured more than twenty.
He was photographed showing off electric stun batons but did notholda licence to producethem.
He was caught on camera showing off the electric stun batons, which he did not hold a licence to produce.
You get to use the jetpacks, the "sick stick" stun batons and have to avoid those spyderbots.
Stott, of Chaterhault Avenue, Cambuslang, had earlier admitted illegally possessing two electric stun batons and an electric stun shield.