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campaigning for something by making political speeches (stump speeches)

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Next moment, Mr Wegg is stumping under the gaslights and through the mud.
It is a picture, and I can see it now,--the jagged edges of the hole in the side of the cabin, through which the grey fog swirled and eddied; the empty upholstered seats, littered with all the evidences of sudden flight, such as packages, hand satchels, umbrellas, and wraps; the stout gentleman who had been reading my essay, encased in cork and canvas, the magazine still in his hand, and asking me with monotonous insistence if I thought there was any danger; the red-faced man, stumping gallantly around on his artificial legs and buckling life-preservers on all corners; and finally, the screaming bedlam of women.
This is expected to help the umpires too come up with correct decisions especially during close stumping and run outs.
Employing Zing should help eradicate judgment calls such as the one made by umpire Marais Erasmus in the first Ashes Test when teenager Ashton Agar was reprieved on six following a stumping appeal off the bowling of spinner Graeme Swann.
London, Aug 22(ANI): Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar could have already been out if England had appealed for a stumping late on day four of the Oval Test.