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any obstacle or impediment

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One reputable source said the Barcelona gaffer's wages were a potential stumbling block given the lower rate of tax in Spanish football.
There are still other reasons for being cautious, for instance the question of why reaching agreement over further opening agricultural markets, one of the major stumbling blocks in the Doha trade negotiations, would be easier in a bilateral than in the multilateral context.
Of course there are two stumbling blocks which may get in the way of the 750 million euro project.
Misperceptions about different cultures have become stumbling blocks for communication.
The twelve laws of Thought, Change, Vision, Command, Magnetism, Focus, Action, Value, Relationships, Suppy, Persistence and Truth are discussed at length, with step-by-step formulas for dealing with common internal stumbling blocks and study questions for further thought and contemplation.
So, while SKF has a good number of creative ideas on how to make by-wire a reality, the stumbling blocks may be insurmountable as auto makers continue to look at the bottom line, putting off expensive new technologies until brighter days.
Mathews points out common sources of arguments and stumbling blocks.
are often stumbling blocks for potential borrowers who are not sure where to turn for a mortgage.
Prys Morgan, industry development manager with the Welsh meat promotion company Hybu Cig Cymru, said some stumbling blocks had been overcome through changes to draft EI schemes but cost-effective implementation would still be difficult.
However, a number of potential stumbling blocks are ahead.
No, we're not talking about the stuff of TV sitcoms but serious sessions to remove serious stumbling blocks.
Several factors for this decline were discussed, one of which concerned "moral stumbling blocks.
Time limitations and fear of the unknown are among other stumbling blocks noted.
Sawdust handling was one of the few stumbling blocks they ran into.