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Synonyms for stumblebum

a second-rate prize fighter


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an awkward stupid person

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which Guston loved, and Hilton Kramer's review in the New York Times, "A Mandarin Pretending to Be a Stumblebum," which he hated.
Interestingly, something like the transit from mandarin to stumblebum was enacted by Andy Warhol a decade earlier.
One stumblebum with no conceivable chance called Chuck Wepner took the money and the chance of fame.
A tail of heat, bending stars, poured from the engines, curving off into the violet light of the refineries and suburbs as the tracks curved away and the train cut its path through the wetlands; it was later, perhaps in some recollection of that night, the body, another drunken stumblebum finished off by his train--it was his third such incident in two years--later that he would also remember the sight of that plane taking off; not that he made a connection between the two events that night, but he felt somehow that there was one between the plane and the death of the man whose body had wedged beneath what was once a cowcatcher and now was just a square-cut chink of metal frame meant to blunt the impact if the train did come into contact with anything.
10PM Stumblebum pilot Harrison Ford is stranded on a tropical island with mouthy New York women's magazine editor Anne Heche.
To that extent, it's possible to see Chekhov's abiding affect distilled in Simon Russell Beale's poignant stumblebum of a Vanya, whose glasses hide a carefully parceled-out ardor and anguish that just cannot be contained.
The review's headline, quoted now whenever Guston is written about, was "A Mandarin Pretending to be a Stumblebum.
With the army pigheadedly set on precisely the wrong plan of action, our guys must ally with the only people willing to help them: Allison, a smart and sexy but stumblebum government scientist (Julianne Moore, good when she's not trying to be funny) and Wayne, a clueless country club pool boy with dreams of becoming a fireman (``Dude, Where's My Car's'' Seann William Scott in - yikes - the most intelligent performance of his career).
Reilly as a scagged-out drummer whose stumblebum manner is funny, till it's not; and Max Perlich as a puppy-dog of a delivery boy whose job leaves him so emotionally unencumbered that he'll gladly donate his heart to the first taker who comes along.
Hilton Kramer called him a mandarin pretending to be a stumblebum, but this was quite wrong: these paintings expressed a genuine and timely refusal to tolerate rhetoric.
When he could hang on to the mike when the Great Stumblebum did not steal it from him with idiot soundbites.
He was saying things like I was the `dumbest, low-life stumblebum that ever existed,' `` Reynolds recalled.
Or, confronted with the opposite sex in the person of Cunningham alumna Meg Eginton, Irwin is a Chaplinesque stumblebum in wistful pursuit of a woman to whom he's invisible.
This is unbelievably rich coming from a stumblebum who stole the US presidential election.
with a camera, a boom-mike and a kind of stumblebum reporter persona, doled out a lot of cash in his pursuit of the Fleiss story.