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Synonyms for stultify

prove to be of unsound mind or demonstrate someone's incompetence

deprive of strength or efficiency


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But when there is good in a man, I, personally, want to know it, and when gentlemen like yourself, of your standing in this city, come here to speak a good word for a man, we would stultify the purpose of justice if we did not listen.
His literary allusions move from Sophocles and Dante to Zukofsky and Stein, but he understands that knowledge offers no answer to those difficulties that in their ancient and ongoing resistance to human comprehension stultify the mind with its own devices.
They stultify decision making processes, they eat away at our democratic rights - and they are incurable
PROFES SOR Stephen Hawking said yesterday the Large Hadron Collider is "vital if the human race is not going to stultify and die out".
It is therefore essential that Bush cool his obsession with Iraq and concentrate on two things, giving real hope to the Palestinians and giving all possible aid to moderate Muslims against the Islamic extemists who preach hatred and stultify progress for their people.
The very narrow, uninspired job requirements, which are said to stultify workers and cause burnout, could be eliminated.