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Synonyms for stultify

prove to be of unsound mind or demonstrate someone's incompetence

deprive of strength or efficiency


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Or, like this "essay" on Weil, adjacent to her essay / thoughts on being "Catholic" because each has proven necessary--impossibly simultaneous, in a sense--to its other in this book's "single liturgy" And both, as well as all the writers and thinkers contemplated in it, are caught in the imprisonments--the stultifications, the graves--of customary binaries and symmetries and distances, artifices, monuments, linear "lines" and language, needing to rethink their "liberation" from within it all, alongside each other and in the world, quite literally in order to "save their lives" No question in the book makes this more clear than the one that opens "Catholic":
Like her husband and son, she latches on to Tessa as a means of escape from the stultifications of domestic anomie.
Stone, who in Monthly Review expressed weariness with "the stultifications and idiocies, the splits and the heresy-hunts, which make the Communists so ludicrous a spectacle half the time.
That certainly put him at a distance from the stultifications of Marxist-Leninist criticism -- for which, say, Dostoyevsky's novels were simply manifestations of their author's ideology, and therefore no less reactionary.