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derision of someone or something as foolish or absurd or inconsistent


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the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

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The irony, as Reece notes, is that Brunei went, as a result of the Rebellion and its aftermath, from being a center of early political activism to one of almost complete political stultification.
131) Both Roy and Patkar publicly and repeatedly derided the Court, and in a subsequent ruling made in 1999 the Court lashed back, warning that such "vicious stultification and vulgar debunking cannot be permitted to pollute the stream of justice.
They're not preoccupied with the compartmentalisation and stultification that bureaucracy brings.
While massively popularizing the comics' language, cheap comic books also commodified it, leading to a stultification of the form as a mode of personal expression.
Blondel even alluded to something like Vincent's law of the body, echoing his appeal for a via media between stultification and transformation: "Thus, we are no longer exposed to the objections of those who would tie us to a bed of Procrustes, mutilating us and forbidding us growth, or of those who see only the Protean metamorphoses of an indefinite evolution where they should see a development governed and unified by the internal finality of an organism" (ibid.
The later 18th century basically saw a stultification of new design elements with the major conflicts centered over using rural rather than classic designs.
At a crucial point in the history of culture, a new generation of educated "natives" were finally able to use the tools they acquired through their encounter with the West to decode the deepseated images of colonial representation and re-code new images of the self in order to escape stultification.
At a time when the traditional novel was being exposed to virulent attacks by Andre Breton who considered "the generous supply of novels" the result of a general stultification of the mind and reproached each novelist for adding "his personal little 'observation' to the whole," Cendrars felt that the novel alone would provide a space of sufficient magnitude for his vision and the projection of the "deep transformation of today's man.
In addition, longevity for its own sake can lead to oligarchic bureaucratization and stultification.
Throughout this period some whose way of seeing was still framed by the too exclusive preoccupation with economic interests which had contributed to the stultification of orthodox marxism, took this process of accommodation as confirmation of their own certitudes.
At a meeting of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in February 1912, Freud was reported as stating: "The opinion that masturbation is harmful finds support in observations made by an absolutely objective critic who traced back the later stultification of Arab youths to their masturbation, which was excessive and totally uninhibited" (cited in Stengers, n.
44) His profound concern over haphazard enforcement of the regime led him to argue that "[w]hen judges both assert that the police should discipline themselves, and yet admit evidence that has been obtained through disregard of the judicially-imposed discipline, the stultification of our professions becomes patent.
An implied assumption in Pakistani context is) good growth is always stateled (which entails stultification of the role of the private sector/enterprise in contributing to growth as well as reducing poverty).
Palestinians continue to endure ongoing Israeli settlement building, land expropriation and confiscation; expansion of Israeli-controlled corridors and by-pass roads; routine harassment and humiliation at scores of key checkpoints; severe restrictions on travel even to their cultural and economic center in East Jerusalem; continued rigid Israeli control of water resources; and the stultification of the Palestinian economy.
Whatever You Say Say Nothing" reveals a writer fed up with cliche and stultification in the language, as well as with the lies that debased language masks: "But I incline as much to rosary beads// As to the jottings and analyses/ Of politicians and newspapermen"