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derision of someone or something as foolish or absurd or inconsistent


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the act of making something futile and useless (as by routine)

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The stultification principle has been applied by state (46) and
The same stultification of liberal capitalism carries over when we turn from production to consumption.
Amendment, declaring that all persons are citizens; in an Act approved May 31, 1870, making it a penal offense for any officer of election in any State to refuse to permit all citizens the same and equal opportunities to perform the prerequisites to become qualified to vote; less than a year afterward informing us that women are not citizens, and on January 30, 1871--less than two months thereafter--very decidedly expressing a contrary opinion, and adding that Congress had no power to enforce their rights as citizens in the States, which is a complete stultification of the Act of last May.
closing of ijtihad, brought about a stultification of
The garden reveals growth and stultification, simultaneously, as effects of the urban environment play outonbotanical life that is remarkably conceived and executed in ceramic and recycled metal.
Writing in the first person and with an honest sense of inquiry, Craig Calhoun devotes special attention to the stultification he imputes to Marx.
For him, emancipation is the opposite of stultification, which happens "whenever one intelligence is subordinated to another" (Ranciere, 1987/1991, p.
Thinking of those forms of purely disciplinary teaching that do so little effective work, I am tempted to put this question in much stronger terms: how can we extract education from the stultification produced by indoctrination into disciplines?
His characters respond to the stultification of authoritarianism by spending long hours in bed, the pleasures and desires of their sexual lives a tonic against the deadening weight of the state.
How deeply philosophy is implicated in contributing to the stultification and repression of the authentic identity of my female students and the extent to which it must pay just, academic recompense represented both the founding and guiding thought of this paper.
16) As far as Wakefield's wife's (any man's" wife's) agenda is concerned, it is actually congenially functional that instead of urban attractions, addictions and possible dissolute carnivalesque pleasures there should obtain a sense of undifferentiated ennui and stultification.
The infatuation with Apple products is a caricature of consumerist greed, and while it has not actually been the cause of the growing stultification of the American middle classes, it is certainly a dramatic illustration of what can happen to people who devote themselves to comfort and process at the expense of creativity and production.
For many of us there was always the suspicion that Benedict was never meant to be a longserving Pope - after so long a stultification with John Paul II, we needed a short breather, hence his election.
has resulted in some sort of stultification of our governmental processes or their potentialities, and as I have indicated it seems to lead to an inhibition of the development of a sound system of administrative law in this society.