stuffed shirt

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a bore who is extremely formal, pompous, and old-fashioned

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Instead of saying, "I don't like that flaky friend of yours or that stuffed shirt", we settle for "I'll just mix around with the others", and go on your way, avoid both flaky and stuffed shirt and don't have the other person fuming over your insensitivity.
And with young trainees around, you can't get away with being a stuffed shirt.
He seems reluctant to preach what he himself practices, perhaps because he so badly wants to avoid the role of the stuffed shirt who excoriates ordinary people for their insufficiencies.
He was kind of a stuffed shirt, not our cup of tea," he says.
Twickenham has seen its fair share of stifling performances from the All Blacks, Australia and England, but the stuffed shirt gin 'n' tonic crew must have felt for the Cardinals as they laboured from start to finish and left looking like the US Eagles rugby side would have been more at home.
The only reason male politicians don't get the same treatment is there are only so many ways to describe a stuffed shirt.
The near two-hour epic even ended on the beach, with big stuffed shirt Carson (Jim Carter), no less, paddling in the sea during a summer outing for the servants
Eddie Murphy is the street hustler who changes places with a stuffed shirt financial wizard, played by Dan Aykroyd, while Jamie Lee Curtis became a pin up for many Eighties teens by playing a big-hearted prostitute.
Alisdair Simpson powers through Gerald Croft's stuffed shirt and Marianne Oldham brings shades of Miranda Richardson's Queenie to Sheila.
It all seemed like the end of the world to the straight-laced cricketing hierarchy and stuffed shirt administrators.
Partners long to embrace the buff superhero or heroine underneath the starched stuffed shirt Holiday somewhere that gets your creative and other juices flowing--maybe Manchester, England's artsy Queer Up North festival.
We take our commitment to Scottish art very seriously,' sniffed a stuffed shirt at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.
In fact there is absolutely nothing to suggest why on earth free-spirited Polly would give stuffed shirt Reuben the time of day let alone embark on a new relationship with him.
Paul works in a law firm, a realist and a little bit of a stuffed shirt,'' said director Chuck Houston.
dismisses as "a pompous stuffed shirt," decked him with a quick left fist.