stuffed peppers

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parboiled green peppers stuffed usually with rice and meat and baked briefly

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Its focus is on imaginative, easy recipes anyone can cook, and uses veggie substitutes for chicken, fish and meats in hearty dishes that range from a vegetable Shepard's Pie to Merlot Stuffed Peppers and Almond Cream Soup.
These small plates of tasty snacks can include zucchini strips, olive tapenade and stuffed peppers.
HMP Birmingham's Easter choices were halal roast chicken leg; roast beef; cheese and onion pie; lentil and tomato pasta; or stuffed peppers.
Che Committed Suicide (2010), the latest English translation in Petros Markaris's crime-novel series--featuring the lapsed right-wing police investigator Costas Haritos, who has a penchant for eating stuffed peppers and browsing the dictionary--captures the gritty urban interstices of modern-day Athens like no other contemporary Greek author.
Mains feature favourites such as roast chicken, Mediterranean meatballs, chicken Milanese, poached and grilled salmon and herb roasted stuffed peppers.
This recipe for cous-cous stuffed peppers will fill them up and the addition of cheese should make it easier to sell to your brood.
Robling includes 80 recipes for almost-forgotten classics like Green Goddess Dressing, Parker House Rolls, Dutch Pancake and Stuffed Peppers.
I remember my grandmother making the best homemade stuffed peppers for family get-togethers.
There's nothing I can't eat but I won't eat aubergines or stuffed peppers.
The wine, say the tasting notes on the Torres website, goes well with stuffed peppers, game and meat dishes with spicy or sweet-and-sour sauces.
And if this whole column about being fat wasn't making my day bad enough, along comes a colleague of mine, Jim Dagar, telling me I missed a great meal last night of stuffed peppers and a fabulous dessert.
I hated couscous, tofu, stuffed peppers, lentils and ratatouille, which used to be the staple offerings at restaurants - or if you apologetically mentioned it to a mate who'd invited you round for dinner.
Chicken Shaslick (12 per 400g pack) Smokey Bacon with Cream Cheese and 25g Mini Chicken Sticks in packs of 60 are expected to be the top selling UK products, along with vegetarian items like Mozzarella Olives and stuffed peppers.
roasting pan, place stuffed peppers and roast until heated through,
Chef Mostafa and his kitchen brigade will be preparing a delicious selection of home-made beef and chicken burgers, steaks, marinated chicken drumsticks, kebabs, salads, stuffed peppers and baked potatoes with sour cream and chives so there's something to suit every diner's appetite.