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mushrooms stuffed with any of numerous mixtures of e

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Arrange stuffed mushroom caps (see previous recipe) with the greens.
Examples: Pasta Shrimp Copeland--tender gulf shrimp sauteed with garlic, mushrooms and fresh herbs and served over angel hair pasta; Stuffed Mushrooms filled with homemade Louisiana crabmeat stuffing and served with tiger sauce.
Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms join the existing feta cheese and Southwestern cheese flavors.
Special dishes: Tet celebration prix-fixe dinner includes a choice of white asparagus and crabmeat or stuffed mushroom soup, a choice of five entrees served with rice cake and steamed rice, and coconut flan plus lychee and ginger ice for dessert.
Also, an order of seafood stuffed mushroom caps, topped with Swiss cheese, arrived for $7.
The eats: It was a grazer's heaven with clever little canapes that went way beyond the mundane stuffed mushroom caps.
Wierchowski's appetizing stuffed mushroom recipe brings together the savory flavors of Heinz products and the popularity of mushrooms for easy, casual snacking.
Among the other eight "aperitivos,'' we went for Champinhones Relhenos, stuffed mushroom caps stuffed with shrimp, scallop and crabmeat under a garlic cream sauce, firmly delicious.
13Food Michael Kilkie brings the classic stuffed mushroom bang up-to-date using goats cheese and black pudding for a starter or light meal.
The couple had earlier been joined by Hulk's troublesome son Nick Hogan where they enjoyed the stuffed mushroom appetizer followed by 12 oz filets accompanied by lobster mashed potatoes, green beans and creamed spinach (plus dessert
Recchiuti adds, "Some chains want their mushrooms de-stemmed if they're going to use them to make stuffed mushroom caps.
is a compilation of thoroughly 'kid friendly' recipes ranging from Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Deviled Crab; Corn Chowder with Diced Tomatoes; Volcanic Salad with Dijon Shallot Vinagrette; and Mouth Watering Meatloaf; to "Creamy Pot Luck Vegetable Casserole; Iced Banana Cake; and Old Fashioned Lemonade.
From Onion Flatbread; Vegetarian Borscht; Transfiguration Monastery Lenten Hash; and Baked Penne with Vegetables; to Greek Tomato Rice Pilaf; Crabmeat Stuffed Mushroom Caps; String Bean and Pepper Stew; and Lenten Oatmeal Cookies, When You Fast offers recipes for breads, spreads, sandwiches, soups, salads, main dishes, fish, shellfish, and desserts, including dairy-free recipes, dishes with and without oil, and dozens of variations for core recipes.
But though she was amusing, she was never convincing in her argument that life's too short to worry about stuffed mushrooms and cream cakes.