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The difficulty in directing knowledge comes to the fore in Aquinas's account of studiousness or studiositas, the virtue that he used to describe the proper habits of intellectual inquiry.
The exception is the desk at its centre, where Perry sits while we're talking and which is strewn with paper and exhibition catalogues: an image of studiousness that's nicely offset by his way of intermittently tipping back on his chair legs as he talks.
That ability to read the game, coupled with his studiousness and desire to learn has long made Neville a coach in waiting.
When she attends Winesburg High School, her studiousness gains her the rejection of "the two {non-academic} Hardy girls," in whose household Louise had hoped to find warmth and a "pulsating" life (88).
studiousness, they cannot "understand" certain matters
The thought that she was a superior student who loved learning provides so much support and pleasure, as well as vanity when she tells others of her studiousness.
does not "simply retell the chronicle narrative of fifteenth-century English political history for the stage [but also] includes a second narrative about sixteenth-century English literary history" seems excessive, and his sourcing and parsing of Henry's studiousness against York's theatricality is truly baroque: "Rather than simply use the Machiavellian Marlowe's Ovidian theatre to oppose to the 'bookish rule' of King Henry, York performs a more complex dynamic that relates book and theatre.
English common law judges had spent hundreds of years developing a culture in which these qualities could flourish by extolling and exercising the judicial virtues of modesty, self-restraint, studiousness, and caution.
He still has all the attributes we associate with Aramis from the book - Machiavellian qualities, studiousness, a very religious background, loyalty.
For example, the Beaver, one of the students representing Studiousness, is carrying books entitled I Think Therefore I Think and The Tao of Beavers.
The school's motto is Virtus, Studium et Creatio (Virtue, Studiousness and Creativity); this indicates the whole philosophy by which the school was founded," said Skotinos.
Approaching the matted-haired genre with a straight-faced studiousness befitting a bigscreen version of the Dead Sea Scrolls, director Joe Johnston & Co.
The complexity of O'Marah's Barb Wire lies in the seriousness she devotes to this original text, lending paradoxical depth to its flatness, and the like-minded studiousness with which the actresses assume the doubled persona(e) of Pamela-as-Barb.
An expressive face and striking figure are Kronenberg's natural assets, but studiousness and sweat-equity led the dancer toward mastery with range.