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adult male horse kept for breeding


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Among his perspectives are who gave Hazard Lepage his first horse, naming the Studhorse Man himself, whether Demeter's mother knew Greek mythology, being not so clearly male, men in love, the artist's salvation and the natural man's destiny, and death and the phallus.
There is the drought and a riding election in 1935 in Words, followed by World War II in the 1940s in Studhorse, and then the increased tension between Canada and the United States in the 1970s in Indian.
In The Studhorse Man, Swiftian sexuality and animal husbandry contradict the alarmed pervasiveness of WWII cultural consciousness.
In Alberta during the war years when the communities lack able men, the studhorse man, Hazard Lepage, and the writing narrator, Demeter Proudfoot, play out their "natural" sexual desire for women.
The sexual carnival in Studhorse bridges the miraculous conception by Martha and the denial of conception for many other women by birth control pills.
Demeter projects his vision of a fictitious Hazard and is unable to frame that larger-than-life studhorse man.
The carnival atmosphere in Studhorse reinforces its role as the centerpiece between the other two novels.
Three related novels--The Words of My Roaring (1966), The Studhorse Man (1969, Governor General's Award), and Gone Indian (1973)--use metafictional techniques, comedy, and fable.
His fiction includes But We Are Exiles (1965), The Words of My Roaring (1966), The Studhorse Man (1969), Gone Indian (1973), Badlands (1975), What the Crow Said (1978), Sundogs: Stories from Saskatchewan (1980), Alibi (1983), The Puppeteer (1993), and The Man from the Creeks (1998).
Two novels, The Studhorse Man and Alibi, demonstrate the rupture well, and offer a view of the Canadian prairie that is fraught with victimization and a general lack of responsibility and authority.
The Studhorse Man concerns Hazard Lepage, who for twenty-four years has traversed the countryside with a series of stud horses.
As in The Studhorse Man, Alibi culminates in a demonstration of the irreconcilability of the doer and the sayer when they come together at the end of the novel.
Both The Studhorse Man and Alibi are marked by abrupt changes in direction: characters will change course with little or no motive as if they have no wills of their own.
n Along with the racing tracks, the development will train 8,000 equestrian professionals and breed 1,000 high quality studhorses.
Tianjin Horse City which will be established in Ninghe County, Tianjin, in 2010, and will train 8,000 equestrian professionals, breed 1,000 high quality studhorses, conduct horse auctions, hold international and domestic professional horse races, promote and impart equine culture and knowledge to youths, provide tourism services for the public, and protect the wellbeing and interests of horses.