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a college student who is teaching under the supervision of a certified teacher in order to qualify for a degree in education

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When student teachers are given opportunities to inquire into the power and positioning of texts and society, they are able to make links between power and language while valuing diversity (Rogers, 2014; Rogers & Mosley-Wetzel, 2013).
What learning opportunities do LTEs provide their student teachers to encourage the development of dispositions and skills needed to teach in today's classrooms?
A recent change in policy for accreditation of teacher education programs in Iowa was implemented January 11, 2015 (Iowa Administrative Code (IAC) 281 Chapter 79) impacting student teacher observation requirements.
Slick (1997) suggested that student teacher supervision has tended to be an "add-on to what is commonly a full [faculty] teaching load" (p.
Student teacher anxieties related to class management, pedagogy, evaluation, and staff relations, British Journal of Educational Psychology, 67, 69.
41) where the associate teacher ensures the student teacher will not be preoccupied with managing behaviour and administrative tasks.
In addition, research on student teacher learning often focuses on one specific aspect, such as the influence of mentoring on learning or the effects of written reflections on experiences, which does not do justice to the multidimensional, idiosyncratic, and context-specific nature of student teacher learning (Mutton, Bum, & Hagger, 2010; Olsen, 2008).
The semester in the classroom as a student teacher, the cornerstone of most educational programs at the university level, is critical to the profession of education.
Two assumptions undergirded our work: (a) mentoring of pre-service teachers does not automatically occur with the assignment of a student teacher with a cooperating teacher and the university supervisor and (b) supervision and evaluation of student teachers by cooperating teachers in schools does not equate with mentoring.
Teachers even reported that long after the practicum had finished they were still using some of the ideas, worksheets, games and activities they had learned from the student teacher.
This indicates that a science student teacher with previous experience is more likely to (1) use technology in his/her science classes; (2) ask his/her students to use educational technology; and (3) have a high opinion of the importance of educational technology for learning science.
shyness', 'shivering' and 'repetition of words' during the process of teaching, led student teachers to shift their attention towards acquisition of professional skills during practicum.
This city will host a three-day convention on inclusive education for student teachers in the province starting December 3.
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