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a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime

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decorate with stucco work

coat with stucco

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For the stuccoed wall area my initial thought was to stuff the pallet walls with grass insulation, which in turn would fill the gaps between the slats and provide a sufficient base for the stucco finish.
The 2-by-6s were nailed in place after the house and both walls had been stuccoed.
I built a tire-house (or earthship) here, and to minimize upkeep I stuccoed all exterior walls that were exposed.
When we stuccoed, we went through layers of names - it was called Oscar's, the Office, the Hillside, the Moonlighters .
Here the traditional stuccoed buildings are painted earth shades of ochre and terracotta, and agricultural greenhouses cling to terraced mountainsides.