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Synonyms for stubby

Synonyms for stubby

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short and blunt

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BBC America Online can now reach countless more users with Cecil and Stubby as our Web spokesmen.
When users place the antenna next to their ears, the conventional stubby designs and internal (embedded) antenna designs in many cell phones thus place the antenna within 1 to 4 mm of the head.
Cecil and Stubby have been entertaining movie fans with their refreshing film critiques of popular movies for several months now, so we felt it was a natural progression to have them host a daring Web alternative to the Oscars.
The Commission believes that Stubby -- An American Hero will further our goals of educating the American people about the causes, courses and consequences of the war and honoring the service and sacrifice of American servicemen and women," said Daniel S.
After many, many tests we found that the hummingbird's wings make a vortex that helps the flight thanks to its stubby wings.
It remains to be one of the great mysteries of the universe why elementary students always draw people with short stubby little legs and arms.
The dog is an allusion to the war dog, Sergeant Stubby, a hero in American newspapers during and after the war.
Your best bet may be to take short, stubby cuttings from new growth.
FROM humble beginnings Sergeant Stubby served on the Western Front in the First World War to become one of the most decorated and highly-ranked service dogs in military history.
But apples that fruit on spurs (short, stubby growths), should be cut back to five or six buds.
SUNSET at Montmajour has van Gogh's distinctive stubby brushstrokes and vivid colours but it's easy to see why experts were reluctant to accept it as his.
Stubby died March 16, 1926, which would account for the late insertion of this ghoulish/humorous section of the novel.
com A stylish alternative to the full-sized welly, this stubby version will keep your feet dry without over-heating your legs if the sun does come out.
We've been delighted to see the return of the stubby bottle, partly because it's cool and retro, and more to the point, because it's more fun to drink from.