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Synonyms for stubby

Synonyms for stubby

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short and blunt

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His fingers would be shorter and stubbier but for the fact that his mother's are long, thin, and elegant.
You may prefer to forgo a perfectly domed white loaf for a stubbier, dense loaf with great whole-grain flavor.
All it does is transfer the mascara on to lids on those of us who have shorter, stubbier lashes.
The British revolver in Custer's gun rack follows the lines of the RIC much more closely than those of the Galand, which has a rather involved underbarrel extraction mechanism and a slightly stubbier grip than the Webley.
2], though, the larvae grow "shorter and stubbier," she says.
Chunkier looks are derived from the stubbier nose, bigger headlamps and pronounced wheel arches, and Ford's desire to create more interior space has resulted in a bigger car - 49mm wider, 97mm taller and 89mm longer than the old model.
Since most situations will find this load launched by stubbier barrels, we used the 2 1/2-inch Model 66 to make the shot.
The short-action Model 722 accommodated stubbier rounds like the .
I have a special treat for myself at weekends when I smoke a wonderful cigar called Partagas D which is somewhat stubbier.
Model snobs beware - the Bora might be stubbier than the Passat but it has the same class- leading abilities and is a damn sight more sporty.
But our poor cousins south of the border have been left with shorter, stubbier versions.