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Synonyms for structure

Synonyms for structure

a usually permanent construction, such as a house or store

to create by combining parts or elements

Synonyms for structure

a thing constructed

a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing

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In outward form, therefore, it insists on correct structure, restraint, careful finish and avoidance of all excess.
I mean that, in attempting to state the PROXIMATE cause of the present event, some past event or events must be included, unless we take refuge in hypothetical modifications of brain structure.
The same stimulus will not produce the same recollection in another man who did not share your former experience, although the former experience left no OBSERVABLE traces in the structure of the brain.
Whenever the effect resulting from a stimulus to an organism differs according to the past history of the organism, without our being able actually to detect any relevant difference in its present structure, we will speak of "mnemic causation," provided we can discover laws embodying the influence of the past.
I am myself inclined, as a working hypothesis, to adopt the belief in question, and to hold that past experience only affects present behaviour through modifications of physiological structure.
The crimping is sort of the suggestion" of how the structure will ultimately self-fold into its final shape, Bruzewiez says.
Air supported structures are those in which a constant flow of air provides the support for the structure.
In order to make way for the Trump skyscraper, the Sun-Times structure first had to be torn down.
A company buying hotels located in various states may be most interested in creating the proper ownership structure and mitigating credit risk, as well as having access to compliance tools and services, maintenance services and the ongoing expertise of the professional firm.
Second, deriving from the cultural turn but predating it in social history itself, structure must be intertwined with lived experience, with the perceptions and usually multifold identities of participants.
2004) for their very interesting study of arsenic on the hands of children in contact with chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood structures and soil after playing in playgrounds.
In fact, under the structure contemplated by these transactions, the plaintiff does not have the right to demand anything from the assignee other than the promised periodic payments as they become due.
In this article, the author describes a new method that can be used to fully expose, visualize, and measure the structures in the posterior tympanum, thereby allowing for further definition of the anatomy and, in turn, refinement of surgical techniques for the removal of disease in this portion of the middle ear.
Woodland Hills-based Structure Development has carved out a niche by targeting 50-foot wide to 60-foot wide lots that are found throughout Los Angeles.
If, on the other hand, you organize data based on the experience or perspective of a given set of people--even subject matter experts--you will need to rebuild your organizational structure each time something changes, for example when a "new" expert is added, or a different or additional set of terms needs to be considered, etc.
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