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support that is a constituent part of any structure or building

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This problem is especially acute in the case of aviation gas turbine engines (AGTE) in which the majority [micro]more than 60%) of defects, detected in design, starting up and service, are determined by the insufficient strength of the sections and structural members, especially the working blades.
The objectives of this study were to: 1) propose a simplified beam analysis method in estimating bending moments of structural members in a sofa frame; 2) derive cyclic stepped load schedules for fatigue performance evaluation of each structural member; 3) determine structural member dimensions to satisfy frame performance testing requirements; and 4) derive design loads for estimating cross sectional dimensions of structural members in a sofa frame.
A second example of such a hybrid process involves encapsulation of a pultruded S-glass/epoxy structural member and a cable assembly inside a thermoplastic elastomer shape (see diagram).
This material can take the place of steel in many body structural member applications.
A wood structural member of the present invention, such as a laminated wood beam, a wood I-beam, or a truss, includes multiple wood segments and plural multiple-fibersynthetic reinforcements.
A wood laminate structural member supported between supports located at its opposite ends to span an open area for bearing an applied load corresponding to shearing stresses that act within a horizontal shear plane substantially perpendicular to the applied load, comprising: plural elongate wood segments, each having a major surface for bearing the applied load between the supports and secured together in a stack with their lengths generally aligned with the longitudinal axis of the wood structural member wherein the plural wood segments located centrally of the wood structural member have two or more annual growth rings per inch that intersect the major surface at an angle of between thirty and ninety degrees to provide increased resistance to horizontal shear stresses.
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Structural Member Including Allied Works To Bldg No 4 And 5 At Gokhale Road Complex Under Ge(A) Kolkata
Tenders are invited for Repairing & Maintainance of Kultore Barrage gates and Head regulators gates by partical repalcement of pitted damaged skin plate and structural member,repalcement of rubber seals, painting etc.
Certification of Evolutiondeck SPX structural members as International Building Code- and International Residential Code-compliant will provide big box retailers and independent hardscape/landscape dealers new leverage in promoting paver and patio slab projects.
Mott MacDonald Bentley worked innovatively with Severn Trent Water to design and install temporary support structures capable of supporting the existing bridges and their respective water mains to enable the replacement of primary structural members without excessive risk to the continued supply of wholesome water.
The ability to measure the extension of structural members of oil platforms to a fraction of a microstrain.
The methodology relies on truncation of nonlinear partial differential equations governing the dynamics of structural members in a way that gives an approximated set containing a large number of nonlinear ordinary differential equations modelling real objects with infinite degrees of freedom.
Volume One provides articles covering traditional structural members, advanced construction materials, and green building materials, While Volume Two covers architectural design and theory, urban planning, landscape planning and design, and ecological architecture.
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