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Synonyms for strive



Synonyms for strive

to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for strive

References in classic literature ?
As he neared the spot where the little boys strove, he regarded them listlessly.
Villefort made a violent effort, and in a tone he strove to render firm, --
The savage faces that glared upon him, look where he would; the cries of those who thirsted, like wild animals, for his blood; the sight of men pressing forward, and trampling down their fellows, as they strove to reach him, and struck at him above the heads of other men, with axes and with iron bars; all failed to daunt him.
Sancho was by this time plastered and had lain down, and though he strove to sleep the pain of his ribs would not let him, while Don Quixote with the pain of his had his eyes as wide open as a hare's.
He could feel the pricking and stinging of the old anger as it strove to rise up in him, but it strove against love.