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The strongroom is part of the old area wages office.
On Saturday, the Northumberland Archive strongrooms at the Ashington museum will be open for special tours.
But the prize has to go to Strongroom, ably helmed by Vernon Sewell, which deals with a bank robbery that doesn't work out as its perpetrators planned, and is also an examination of the conscience of those who break the law.
For the occasion the "Duke's Emerald"--a huge Brazilian crystal, once the largest known--and two amazing silver specimens in small glass cases were produced from the strongroom.
The manuscript of Paterson's 1789 Narrative was located in 1956 among manuscript sermons in the strongroom of the General Conference of the New Church at Swedenborg House, Bloomsbury, London.
Kanada claimed he was forced into a strongroom and trapped there until a male employee arrived.
In New Zealand since the 1992 amendment, MSSA owners have been extensively vetted before being given an "E" endorsement allowing them to continue having such weapons, and MSSAs have had to be stored in a locked safe or strongroom.
Thus, a secured closed area or strongroom housing security containers need not be opened and entered solely for the purpose of checking the containers.
Samuel Ng'ang'a, the manager of the Kenya Commercial Bank branch in the busy industrial town 40 kilometres north of Nairobi, had walked into the strongroom and was met by an unusual smell.
He said that the expo management provided the premises with full security, including a CCTV operation room, a strongroom to keep their gold pieces, and increased number of security personnel.
Architect Andrew Bumfrey in the cellar corrdior <Bleading to the strongroom in the Bruce Building
Below, the building's former strongroom and, bottom, a staircase in the building
20 May 2015 - US-based accounts payable and payment automation solutions provider AvidXchange has acquired US-based accounts payable software firm Strongroom Solutions, the company said.
Three connecting holes were expertly made in the 50cm wall with a diamond-tipped drill to create a gap 25cm high and 45cm wide into the strongroom.
In the basement, along a mirrored corridor, a door of 12 inch thick steel leads you through the two-feet-thick concrete walls into the safety deposit strongroom, where depositors could store their personal effects.