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Synonyms for strongman

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

Words related to strongman

a man who performs feats of strength at a fair or circus

a powerful political figure who rules by the exercise of force or violence

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Commercial gyms are of no use to him because he needs strongman equipment - things like atlas stones, sandbags, logs, super yokes, car deadlift frames and monster dumbbells.
In its contemporary history, the Philippines had its first experience with strongman rule when President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in September 1972.
Mr Cooper, who has competed in amateur strongman competitions for several years, launched the business with help from North Tyneside Business Factory and TEDCO Business Support, and it has since seen huge growth.
It has been a rapid road to the top of strongman competition for Nathan.
It is going to be a busy six months for the pair, with Nathan competing in the UK's strongest man event on next Sunday, July 16, followed by Europe's strongest man on July 29, Britain's Strongest Man on August 19, the Strongman Champion League World Championships in Finland in September, and the World's Strongest Man in December.
I was a bit apprehensive about announcing some of these findings to AG Barr, particularly the fact that the strongman was invented by an English firm.
North East Strongman Promotions organise numerous regional events for men throughout the year, but Mark says interest and participation in the women's side of the sport has increased in recent years.
Ben, who has been a strongman for six years, said: "I do my shopping at my local cash and carry where I can buy meat, potatoes and rice in bulk which saves me a lot of money.
Robert Daglish, 51, set up the company in 1992 and has since been promoting strongman events, holding competitions nationwide.
Paul Benton, who travelled from Aberdeen, said: "Guys spend hours in the gym every week preparing for strongman competitions, so competing in the Merchant City in front of a big crowd was a big attraction.
TRYING to garner support for his newly-floated outfit, rebel Rashtriya Janata Dal MP Pappu Yadav called on former Siwan MP and strongman Mohammed Shahabuddin, who is serving a life sentence at Siwan jail in Bihar.
NUNEATON strongman Mikey Lane competed against a host of global stars as he made his debut on the professional circuit.
Chief Justice Mohan Peiris was interviewed over a complaint that he and the former president allegedly conspired to keep the strongman in power in a meeting at Rajapakse's home, Public Security minister John Amaratunga said.
Strongman Dell Toledo arrives, with his wife Desiree (the woman with three tits).
BIRMINGHAM strongman 'Big' Dave Gauder and his National Lottery funded project to help young people turn their lives around will feature on primetime national television on Saturday.