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The tension between these two characters is, of course, out there because they both want to survive and are quite strong-willed.
Soon enough he enters an asylum and inspires his fellow patients to assert themselves, much to the chagrin of the strong-willed head nurse, who decides to fight back.
Jolie, 35, also admitted that she can really relate to her strong-willed animated character Tigress in the new film 'Kung Fu Panda 2' because she too has struggled to communicate love and warmth.
I was born to play a rich magnate - usually a little corrupt, strong-willed, ambitious and successful.
The power struggle with the board of the plant established a precedent for women around the world, proving that a few strong-willed individuals can slay a corporate giant.
To be strong-willed and to demand change makes you impatient sometimes" is one of the PM's quotes from this article; well, Mr Brown, just imagine how impatient we are for you to leave
The cover is close and requires strong-willed dogs.
We will be able to resolve the world economic crisis only by paying hard efforts, being tolerant, strong-willed and selfless.
So, while I agree with Adam that it was Mahatma Gandhi's teachings that made him stand out and his strong-willed ideas and his unique leadership that won India its independence, I think that there is nothing wrong in preserving and exhibiting his belongings which would of course inspire people, as we won't feel like throwing away the belongings of our late beloved ones so easily.
He is a strong-willed guy and he will be determined to battle through this.
Written by the late Neil Shine, longtime editor and former publisher of the Detroit Free Press, Life With Mae: A Detroit Family Memoir is the true story of daily life in Detroit as well as a biography of the author's strong-willed and spirited mother Mae.
THE NEW STRONG-WILLED CHILD: Birth Through Adolescence.
Libraries seeking strong abridged presentations on 3 cds will find it brims with emotion and history, capturing well the story of the strong-willed Anna and the romance which drives her life and the history of Russia itself.
Florence Ayisi's film, Soccer Queens of Zanzibar, which focuses on the lives of a team of strong-willed Muslim women determined to better their lives and define new identities through playing football, is being premiered at the Black Film Festival at Chapter Cinema in Canton, Cardiff, on October 5.
Set in Southern Wisconsin, "Fast Track" is the story of 25-year-old and strong-willed, strong-minded Lark Chadwick solving a mystery surrounding the car/train collision that had orphaned her as an infant.