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Synonyms for strong-minded

Synonyms for strong-minded

having a determined will

marked by vigorous independence of thought and judgment

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STRONG-MINDED Daniel O'Brien, who has cerebral palsy, intends to become a web developer
Set in Southern Wisconsin, "Fast Track" is the story of 25-year-old and strong-willed, strong-minded Lark Chadwick solving a mystery surrounding the car/train collision that had orphaned her as an infant.
That translation, slightly revised, is presented here, along with new translations of additional sections that allow readers a closer look at the personality of the strong-minded politician.
Written by Leo Derose, A Warning from an Angry God is a strong-minded treatise written to readers of all faiths about the sorry state of the modern world--a world riven by war, terrorism, disease, greed, and suffering--an exhortation to remember God's will and work for a better, more just world.
It examines the secret of his success and, despite his mild-mannered public persona, reveals him as strong-minded and hard to please.
Paulie, a strong-minded 15-year-old, has been in fights with their mother all her life, with the bruises to prove it, but her life changed utterly when the madman entered the house and attacked them--and it was she who beat him down as her older sister called 911 and the police arrived.
And Stargazing is a book in which Hill joins-the-dots between bright points in his own memory to make nostalgic, very funny, very entertaining pictures of youth, adventure, a variety of admirable, strong-minded, tough characters, and a vanished profession.
Another mysterious feminine creature, the Novice, was portrayed as strong-minded by Sabrina Brazzo in the company's premiere of Jerome Robbins' The Cage.
Jack McAllister is strong-minded big bro to geeky Bobby, and we watch as their lives are influenced by people, events and, most of all, each other.
She does some very fine acting at the beginning of the film, establishing herself as the beautiful, strong-minded heroine.
Those Black male authors are some of the most respected, strong-minded men in America, and I am so glad that you chose to recognize them.
It all went wrong and they've paid the price, but in Micky Adams and Alan Cork Leicester have the strong-minded professionals to get them back up.
Sister Kay MacDonald, now semi-retired in Saskatoon, comes over as a strong-minded and determined woman; she is Sister Super-administrator.
The finished product is a culmination of over three years of starts and stops, conference calls, weekend retreats at hotel suites and Sunday afternoon meetings, not to mention the challenges of balancing the schedules, moods, roles and talents of six busy strong-minded women.