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HRCP strongly protests such strong-arm tactics and calls upon all democratic forces to unequivocally oppose them and act in a proactive manner not only to raise their voice for protection of people's rights but also guard against people's trust in democracy from being undermined.
The plaintiff, who requested anonymity in media coverage of the case, filed a damage suit with the district court against Nichiei over its strong-arm loan collection tactics last October for some 3.
Describing Anthony as "this schoolyard bully, this mugger," Krisher explained that to treat "this forcible felony, this strong-arm robbery, in terms as though it were no more than a two dollar shoplifting fosters and promotes violence in our schools.
The meeting is expected to focus on Matsuda's possible involvement in encouraging employees to adopt strong-arm tactics for loan collection and look into how these high-interest loans are extended.
A short while later, police responded to a call and found the second strong-arm man, also wounded.
Under these circumstances, it makes no economic sense for any bondholder to consent or succumb to HealthSouth's inappropriate strong-arm tactics.
On Tuesday, the Delaware-based judge ruled that AMD failed to prove that Intel's alleged strong-arm tactics abroad had ``direct, substantial and foreseeable effects'' on AMD's operations in the United States.
This is not the first time some of these plaintiffs have tried to use strong-arm tactics to influence legitimate business decisions.
Its strong-arm tactics to extort cities and other organizations to strip religious symbols from the public square are finally backfiring.
We don't believe that strong-arm tactics, as a means of competing for business, are good for the industry," commented Beyer.
His strong-arm tactics threaten the age-old truce, however.
It was HFA's attempt to strong-arm Delta into an unfavorable settlement on its audit claims, knowing Delta had no other licensing agency to turn to.
Our products are based on the Intel Strong-ARM processor for use in application areas including medical devices, biometric interfaces, and web tablets.
Hopkins, who grew up on rough streets in Philadelphia, went to prison for five years when he was not quite 18 for strong-arm robbery.