strong interaction

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(physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms

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However, a strong interaction exists among the process input variables.
There's a strong interaction there in the local setting.
Consider the case of the strong interaction at low energies where the parameter [r.
Chapter 5, "The Goldilocks Enigma" (a phrase used by Paul Davies in connection with the "just right for life" character of the universe), sets out twelve examples of the apparent fine-tuning of the universe, including the ratio of the electromagnetic and strong interaction strengths, the value of the cosmological constant, and the dimensionality of space.
The 15 years of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem's rule were times of moderate and balanced policy and strong interaction with international bodies, as well as strong support and involvement in all Arab and Islamic causes.
ISLAMABAD -- The five-day sixth International Scientific Spring (ISS) has recently been organized at the National Centre for Physics (NCP) with the aim to promote strong interaction between local and foreign scientists and researchers.
The level of the chemical also showed a strong interaction with the high-risk apolipoprotein E (apo E) epsilon-4 allele in influencing Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) scores, wrote Dr.
As well-known, according to the present understanding, there are four fundamental interactions or forces: gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong interaction.
However, researchers identified a strong interaction of diabetes mellitus (p = 0.
This will go a long way in creating strong interaction and discussion in the IT community,” commented Pavitra Saxena, CTO, Wooqer on the launch ceremony of the Meetups.
The excess viscosities, excess square of refractive index and excess activation energy are all positive indicating strong interaction between the alcohols and amines molecules.
This philosophical perspective is explicitly meant to constitute a distinguishing feature of this book, which is part of a broader project of Cao on the historical study of the physics of the strong interaction.
He said that the best possible way to achieve this objective is through the strong interaction among the research organizations, industries and universities"
THERE'S a chance that exiting Typhoon "Igme" (international name Tembin) will meet the approaching Typhoon "Julian" (Bolaven) in the next 24 hours but weathermen do not see strong interaction between them.