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(physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms

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But the new particle's two quark components--a strange quark and the antimatter partner of a charm quark--are heavier than those in most other particles, making the particle an ideal target for studying the nuclear strong force that binds the two quarks.
A strong force remains in the area while three helicopters and a light plane resumed fire fighting operations with the first light.
Party leader Ernie Shorton said: "We believe the combination of Newcastle First and UKIP will create a strong force in Newcastle politics and, as a result of us coming together, most if not all of the wards in Newcastle will have a candidate who pledges to put local people before party politics.
Japan a strong force The country last year posted a 5.
The Commander of the Marines group said the exercises would bring the troops together as a strong force.
The ICCI President said that economy is the key for stability of a country and a strong force to keep a country united, therefore, Pakistan and US must focus on strengthening their economic ties.
The eight-year-old showed he was still a strong force in that division when a fast-finishing third to Moonlight Cloud in the Prix Maurice de Gheest at Deauville on Sunday.
And his mum Rose has since emerged as a strong force of protest over Britain's presence in the country, setting up the Justice 4 Gordon campaign and Military Families Against the War.
Now we must move on and wherever we end up playing we will be a really strong force, I'm certain about that.
1 : to strike against each other with strong force <Racing downstairs I almost collided with my mother .
The film, which was based on the battle of Rorke's Drift in 1879, tells the story of 139 soldiers from the South Wales Borderers who took on a 4,000 strong force of Zulu warriors in one of the most celebrated defensive actions in military history.
Forty-five of the largest global retailers and suppliers are involved in this combined entity, creating an incredibly strong force for pushing forward key retail industry initiatives," says GNX chief executive officer Joe Laughlin, who will be chief executive officer of the as-yet-unnamed new company.
The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, will remind Christians that they are still a strong force for good in Britain and will highlight the daily sacrifices made by those working in the public services.
TED Walsh still believes Commanche Court will be a strong force in next month's Tote Cheltenham Gold Cup despite his narrow win at Navan.
These stories are testament to that--and to the equal truth that love is such a strong force in so many lives, it sometimes seems there is little that it cannot overcome.