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(physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms

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Ontario is such a strong force in the automotive industry and it's a natural fit that Northern Ontario and Timmins be considered a leader in research and development for cold climate testing.
His daughter, Nan Giordano, artistic director of the Giordano dance company, observes, "Pattie is a very strong woman who has persevered through the years and has become a very strong force for women in the jazz world.
According to Howard, "This is a very strong force in getting those genes into a population.
The merged business, named Bovis Lend Lease, tel:020 8422 3488, combined with Booth Smith Read, tel:0133 286 2894, expertise and inputs on food technology and food process and plant design know-how provides a very strong force in the construction and installation of new food plants.
The New York Times reported last month that, "Religion has always been a strong force for Mr.
Lying just north-east of the old walled town, the site is one of those peripheral places where buildings are beginning to emerge as freestanding entities, but still exert a strong force on one another.
As a strong force in the world of communications, Motorola certainly understands the extremely high importance of people and businesses being able to communicate easily with one another," said Kevin E.
David Camp, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Tom's leadership has been a strong force throughout the Company.
Peshawar -- Ministry of Interior has completed the summary for establishment of more than seven thousand strong force for security of provisional VVIPs and sensitive installations.
Club chairman Tony Thackeray said: Neath are a strong force but we are going well and confidence is high so it's all to play for.
That's how they have survived and maintained such a strong force in the market place.
John Whitaker of the Children's Bureau invited guests to participate with Yes2Kids, Children's Bureau and the Department of Children and Family Services to view child abuse as a community problem in which community members working together can be a strong force that is part of the solution.
We now have a number of people who have agreed to establish a Liverpool CPRE to add a strong force to the view of local communities on issues in their area.
It ensures the voice and presence of local authorities is heard in the region, nationally and internationally and the Conservative group will certainly be a strong force on that body," said Cllr Smailes.
The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham, will remind Christians that they are still a strong force for good in Britain and will highlight the daily sacrifices made by those working in the public services.