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Synonyms for strive



Synonyms for strive

to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for strive

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The Bradhurst Condominium at Strivers Row, which houses the retail, is a landmarked building that was constructed in 1896.
More than half of leaders (56 percent) have a clear strategy compared to only 14 percent of strivers, and leaders are three times more likely to rank execution of their strategy as excellent
Even in a serious recession MPs were given a 10% pay increase yet their tax credits reversal was imposed upon hard-working strivers.
The suspense could have been heightened -- it is fairly easy to guess what is going on early in the book -- but the real point is its skewering of Hollywood's strivers, the look at the way luck plays out in the business (as in life), the ruination of quality scripts for the sake of marketing, and the bodies that lie literally and figuratively along Fountain Avenue.
4 Target strugglers and strivers with applicable messaging that hones in on their motivations.
The latest edition of the "Keep Good Going Report" from New York Life identifies four segments of Americans based on the fundamental differences in how they identify and cultivate goodness in their lives: Good Leaders, Good Nesters, Good Workers and Good Strivers.
Strivers (12%) assign importance to their child being "accepted at a top-tier college.
Rather than being 'shirkers',' my constituents and many others on JSA are strivers whose efforts are going unrewarded because of the structural lack of demand in the job market, which the Government seem to be doing little to address," he said.
Hammering on that faultline with the language of shirkers and strivers will have long-term impacts on public attitudes, on attitudes of one neighbour against another.
AMERICA was built by materialistic and sometimes superficial strivers.
ONE OF THE THINGS I'M PROUDEST of about the United States is that we've always been a nation of dreamers and strivers.
After about a year on the market and 75 percent of the units sold by Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy, BRP Development Corporation wanted "a new look" for its Strivers West project, said Julian Duggin, project manager at BRP.
Hill begins his play with "appropriate music--classical, please--[to set] the high and mighty tone of Strivers Row" (On Striver's Row 637).
Using self-reported data from directors of nursing, the survey categorized nursing homes that participated in the survey as culture change adopters, culture change strivers, or traditional nursing homes.
His column, which suggests that the Democrats not underestimate Mike Huckabee's chances to win it all, includes a paragraph just past the midway point, in which he quotes the "conservative writer Michelle Malkin" as saying, "For the work-hard-to-get-ahead strivers who represent the heart and soul of the G.