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Synonyms for strive



Synonyms for strive

to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for strive

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The funds will support the construction of Strivers Gardens, a residential condominium building located on Frederick Douglas Boulevard between West 134th and 135th Streets in Central Harlem, sponsored by The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce.
Meant to Be by Rita Coburn Whack Strivers Row, March 2002, $11.
New Street Realty Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce they have been appointed exclusive retail leasing agent for the 2611 Frederick Douglass Blvd, better known as The Bradhurst at Strivers Row, located between West 139th and West 140st Street.
For example, despite the concerns about data security for all respondents, half of leaders believe interconnectivity helps proactively manage risk of cyberattacks compared to only a third of strivers.
DAVID Cameron's claim to be on the side of strivers is further undermined by these shocking new figures today.
And to add to the misery of all those hard-working strivers, they still stand to lose their working tax credits.
Compare that to the ordinary strivers who, after paying their bills and just about managing to eat, live from hand to mouth while they wait for the next pay day.
The team, named Strivers, organised a bake sale at Dewsbury Market and raised PS300 to carry out the project.
Before, during, and after the general election campaign the Tories rightly gained plaudits for their commitment to protect and advance the interests of Britain's strivers," said the Birkenhead MP, a former welfare reform minister who chairs the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee.
in a literary pastiche of short stories designed to encourage the downhearted, lift up the strivers, and add wings to the heels of spiritual seekers, "Hot Winds, Boiling Rain' is as eclectic and iconoclastic as it is unrelentingly entertaining.
Hollywood's strivers take a skewering in this noir-ish satire.
The people Hammond takes for fools know the truth when wages remain far below their 2008 spending power and mean Tory benefit cuts will empty the pay packets of strivers who see the economy isn't working for them.
Strivers are motivated by feelings of accomplishment when taking care of their families.
Strivers Gardens is being developed in part through the ANCHOR Program, a neighborhood revitalization program designed to create newly constructed commercial retail space and units of housing on vacant city-owned land.
But when it comes to wage packet-filling tax credits, he recognises the unjust pain to millions of low-earning strivers of the scandalous Tory PS4.