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Synonyms for stripy

Synonyms for stripy

marked or decorated with stripes


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The RSPCA is now looking for forever homes for the 'zebra mice',' named due to their striking, stripy markings.
Asda's stripy peppers landed in stores on Monday and online at Asda groceries from today.
Newcastle fans welcome their new French players in style, complete with French berets, onions and stripy tops in St James' Park at the weekend
The charming story tells of little girl Sophie and Mummy receiving an improbable "large, stripy, furry" visitor while Daddy is out at work.
Zac, 11 months, was also snazzily dressed for their cruise around Sydney harbour - in a natty sailor's top and coordinating stripy socks.
Team with stripy skirt and white T-shirt for day wear.
But for the ultimate in stripy style it's got to be the B&B Italia - Serie Up 2000 in orange stripe.
Pip and Posy Axel Scheffler Stripy Horse Jim Helmore and Karen Wall Bright and colourful books for preschoolers are a must if you are to engage children and draw them into the wonderful world of books.
Sausage dog stripy casual bag, pounds 38, Lunacy, www.
A few weeks ago, an eccentric chap got on at Rhyl and sat opposite me in his stripy flared trousers, sandals, and a daft hat.
Clad in a low cut black top, floor length stripy skirt and black boots, the raven haired 25-year-old, from Abergavenny, was appearing as part of an attempt to raise 500,000 Euros for an Indian village.
Cadbury's core chocolate brands will feature spotty and stripy packaging for the next 18 months as part of its [pounds sterling]50m Spots v Stripes marketing programme for the London 2012 Olympics.
The 24-year-old singer looked stunning in a stripy top and figure-hugging leggings as she stepped out of her car.
She donned a stripy bustier, a navy blue skirt and Mary-Jane shoes.
So I bowled down to a menswear shop to hire a top hat, waistcoat, long jacket and grey and black stripy trousers.