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Synonyms for stripped-down

having only essential or minimal features


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Volvo Auto India, a subsidiary of Volvo Car Corporation, is planning to introduce stripped-down variants of some of its models.
In addition to the stripped-down versions of smartphone chips, MediaTek will keep promoting 3G and TD-SCDMA chips.
But despite their stripped-down acoustic sound, Erasure are still able to pack a musical punch with a couple of acoustic guitars and a double bass ( and their classic hits Stop, A Little Respect and I Love to Hate You had the audience and their feather boas out of their seats.
Interspersing images of stripped-down cars bombing down rural highways at night with sultry portraits of girls in various states of undress and intoxication, Andoe conjured a darkside Americana familiar from the work of Larry Clark and Harmony Korine (specifically Clark's "Tulsa" photographs, 1963-71, and the duo's collaboration on Kids [1995]), David Lynch's postmodern road movies Wild at Heart (1990) and Lost Highway (1997), and the sex'n' death novels of Dennis Cooper.
STRIPPED-DOWN HISTORY The current interest in C153 has its roots in observations that date from the early 1970s.
It does not have to offer competitors a stripped-down version of its OSes that they can alter.
Willys Overland was building stripped-down commercial trucks and vans.
Largely unplugged, it finds Idol accompanied by longtime guitarist Steve Stevens on all his biggest hits, taking in stripped-down versions of Rebel Yell, White Wedding and To Be A Lover.
A stripped-down version of Notes, called Notes Mail ($55), allows access to e-mail.
They then attach the second component, a stripped-down antibody known as a ligand or targeting molecule.
Many end up being a stripped-down version of who they were before,'' said Harriet Zeiner, a clinical neuropsychologist at Veteran Affairs in Palo Alto.
Percolating along with stripped-down rhythms and teasing lyrics, the lead single, "Double Fantasy II," is pure TRL fodder, right down to the video (shot by Justin Kelly), which features synchronized dancing and a scantily clad Schwartz and company romping in a bubbling Jacuzzi.
Still nimble and stately in his signature jumps, eschewing all adornment in favor of a bare-knuckled, stripped-down Gypsy style, he dances with his grandson, Farruquito, the crown prince of the family's dance dynasty.
With solid song writing, stripped-down aggressive vocals and circle-pit inducing breakdowns, this record stays at the top of the stack.
By means of pronounced chiaroscuro she transforms the ordinariness of an empty gym into a moody film noir set--its stark, stripped-down stage and after-hours atmosphere resounding with layers of ambiguity (and, we're prompted to imagine, reeking with sweat)--as real-life players spar, pose, and otherwise perform, seemingly for her alone.