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search (someone) for weapons or drugs by having the person remove their clothes

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found that a blanket strip-search policy was constitutional as applied
In support of its decision to uphold a blanket strip-search policy,
23) The Ninth and Eleventh Circuits have applied the Bell test and held that blanket strip-search policies during booking were constitutional.
40) For the foregoing reasons, the Third Circuit held that a blanket strip-search policy for all arrestees entering the general jail population was constitutional.
214) Though varying interpretations of the law in the lower courts by no means guarantee a litigant qualified immunity, Justice Souter reasoned that dissenting opinions in strip-search cases in these courts provided enough well-reasoned, valid interpretations of strip search policy for the Court to determine that T.
See District Concedes Strip-Search to Settle Suit, WORLDNETDAILY.
These decisions state a broader rule than the early strip-search cases: Any practice that requires an arrestee to be seen naked by jail staff violates the Fourth Amendment unless reasonable suspicion exists to justify the search.
One officer will strip-search you, and you have nothing on, and then you re-dress in only a gown and panties and she will run her hands over you, drawing me into backflashes and nightmares of rapes I've endured from my husband.
The last thing we want is the strip-search videos available for sale under the counter or at car-boot sales.
The county Probation Department ``has the authority to strip-search minors incarcerated in juvenile hall,'' Jossen said.
She claimed that her daughter and five other girls, four of them Irish, were subjected to a strip-search.
Melbourne, November 24 (ANI): Celebrities like Lily Allen and Rhys Ifans are shocked after being subjected to a traumatising strip-search following their arrival in Dubai for the globe's most expensive party.
According to the court, the strip-search of non-felony detainees violated their rights to freedom from unreasonable searches, even though the center had implemented a policy requiring a two-hour grace period before a search.
Though she added the strip-search was the most degrading experience of her life.
The court noted that the unconstitutionality of a blanket strip-search policy had been well-established.