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Synonyms for stringent

Synonyms for stringent

demanding strict attention to rules and procedures

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His cold and proud nature was always averse, however, from anything in the shape of public applause, and he bound me in the most stringent terms to say no further word of himself, his methods, or his successes--a prohibition which, as I have explained, has only now been removed.
Laws and principles are not for the times when there is no temptation: they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour; stringent are they; inviolate they shall be.
There is a need for high quality GMP commercial ingredient manufacturing as regulations surrounding supply chain and excipient quality become more stringent.
Doc Sheldon warned in an article published on Search Engine Watch that the standards are "significantly more stringent than before.
Therefore, these loads have been subjected to the most stringent securement and containment standards possible, greater than for any other commodity.
Publicly, the players say there is little to talk about, because the vast majority are ready to embrace a more stringent testing policy that Fehr anticipates will be agreed to by March 1.
and the Citigroup building in Manhattan may be targeted, will mean even more stringent security measures at such sites, said Michel Leonard, chief economist and head of political risk consulting for Aon Trade Credit Inc.
The Palladium system provided the features we needed to meet stringent product delivery schedules and increased our ability to test our ASICs and application-level software.
These factors will result in more stringent underwriting criteria and fewer options for capital from conventional lenders thus enhancing the need for non-conventional debt products.
The solution comes at a time when it has become well recognized that businesses require an enterprise-wide, end-to-end content management solution to meet increasingly stringent records management regulations, such as US Department of Defense ("DoD") 5015.
Application: Stringent effluent regulations often compel kraft mills to reduce their effluent volumes through closing the bleach plant liquid circulations.
The cleaning program, which began April 2, will assist service members in meeting the stringent shipping requirements of the U.
Of course, even the most stringent background check would have done no good in the case of high-profile immigrant criminal Kamal: His previous life in Gaza was by all accounts a quiet one of teaching English and translating.
x limits, none of these limits is so stringent that it requires an add-on pollutant-scavenging device -- comparable to a stackgas scrubber for sulfur dioxide.
html) will address a broad range of Data Security requirements meeting the needs of commercial enterprises and addressing the most stringent Military and Intelligence Standards defined.