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Online auction house Amati will be taking up residence at the city's Marriott Royal County Hotel on March 3 to offer free valuations on stringed instruments.
The oud is a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in Arabic music.
Summary: Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, one of the frustrations that comes with playing a stringed instrument is the time that must be spent tuning it before a sound can be coaxed from it that bears any resemblance to music.
Conservatory students, who played on the violin, piano, cello and Chinese folk stringed instrument - guzheng, held a concert for Kyrgyzstanis.
London, Apr 1 ( ANI ): The remains of what is believed to be the earliest stringed instrument in western Europe have been uncovered in Scotland.
Ugur Alpagut plays the violin, Kaya Guc the piano, Fahrettin Unal the clarinet, Yalcin Duran Baygin the percussion, Hasan Ozcirpan the "baglama" --a type of Turkish stringed instrument.
Shams Ensemble began touring the US in mid-March, stopping in cities such as Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Chicago for group performances of the tanbur, an Iranian stringed instrument.
Mitsuki Dazai of Creswell is a master of the koto, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument.
The year is 2000, and a study by the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) warns of a shortage of stringed instrument teachers nationwide.
Finally, he shows how to build a stringed instrument, and gives detailed descriptions of the instruments he has invented: the Chrysalis, the Harmonic/Melodic Canon, the Diamond Marimba, the Glassdance, and Simple Flutes.
What is a rebec - an antelope, an early stringed instrument or a nonalphabetic key on a keyboard?
We believe that studying a stringed instrument would be an excellent way to prepare pianists to enter the post-college music world, and we would like to encourage more pianists to take a string techniques class or private string lessons in college.
By the age of 14, he had learnt the lute, a traditional stringed instrument.
Other events were demonstrations of the traditional stringed instrument the Koto by musician Sumie Kent, a haiku workshop, kimono dressing, and a sushi food demo from Takayasu Takemoto.
Tonight's event at Topanga's Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum brings not only relaxation but the rare chance to see and hear the world's longest stringed instrument.