string of beads

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several beads threaded together on a string

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This string of beads has been auctioned off for three years running, and always gets donated back to be sold again the following year.
There is also an intriguing section on constructing an aromatic rose leaf string of beads.
Menard, who sported a fashionably short beard, and their son, Austin, sucking on a pacifier and clutching a brightly colored string of beads, nestled on his father's arm.
After adding the bead, Student 2 goes to the P Site with the string of beads and waits.
Then spray the string of beads with dimethyl sulfoxide which will dissolve and carry the abrin through the skin.
He said that Pakistans Islamic identity was serving as a force of coherence in maintaining and strengthening national unity and keeping all the provinces part of the string of beads.
String of beads (Senecio rowleyanus), laid among other baubles in a jewelry box, could easily pass for a string of pearl-sized, polished globes cut from pale green jade.
At some point the rosary would begin, and most folks came armed for the occasion with a string of beads.
His friend, Marco Castro, told the local newspaper that Equinoa approached him the same day about his rosary, a white string of beads with a cross and an image of the Virgin Mary.
My husband dressed up as Jimmy Hendrix, I wore a mini skirt, black tights, silver top with a string of beads, and a red Alice band in my hair, not a pretty sight for someone of my age.
For example, when I draped a string of beads, which might have come from a hair band, around my doll's waist, the idea came to me to give my doll a tropical look, which was also suggested by the pink color of the sock.
These can be personalised and decorated with scraps of wrapping paper, ribbons or a string of beads.
Every pupil and member of staff from Billesley Primary School, in Trittiford Road, has had the chance to make a string of beads for the 4-metre high sculpture called 'The Star of Billesley'.
The string of beads can bind simultaneously to sites on a single protein target and/or multiple protein targets.