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Northwest also said it may consider permanently hiring workers who are replacing the striking mechanics.
Today, the UFCW and AFL-CIO will hold their biggest rally yet at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, where they expect 10,000 striking and locked-out workers to gather.
Since New York State has traditionally been unionized, unlike in other states, one cheerful note for the strikers is that they will be able to collect unemployment benefits, but that is after seven weeks of striking.
In 1919 Harold Laski, then a young instructor at Harvard, came under fierce attack from prominent donors, alumni, and students for publicly declaring his support for striking Boston policemen.
Due to a lag time in pay distribution, striking workers will not receive a paycheck until March 30.
Striking clerks have lost their medical benefits and face cuts in their picket payments from the union.
At one Sixth Avenue property, a couple of striking workers wearing their red and while strike signboards stood forlornly in front of the office tower while replacement workers around the corner gleefully chipped away at the ice and snow, saying they were happy to be making $10 to $15 per hour.
The history of miners' unions in Third Republic France thus allows Cohn to explore his hypothesis about frequent striking in periods of syndical unity and schism.
At meetings around the Puget Sound area yesterday (March 1) members of the union representing striking Boeing engineers and technical workers said they are standing solid behind their negotiation teams and not falling for the company's attempt to scare them back to work by declaring negotiations are at impasse.
Labor leaders from across the country rallied in Century City on Tuesday in support of Southern California's 70,000 striking supermarket workers and called for a boycott of Safeway stores nationwide.
Wide spaced drilling at Kvartsberget or Quartz Mountain immediately south of the west and central pits has indicated an extensive east-northeast striking quartz vein system.
Negotiations between Southern California's three largest supermarket chains and their 70,000 striking employees resumed Saturday, but no progress was reported as the strike enters its seventh week.
Southern California's three largest supermarkets and their 70,000 striking employees face tough times during the normally busy and profitable holiday season, hit hard by lost business and lost wages.
Hahn, Ludlow and Villaraigosa have pushed the striking mechanics union's goal of submitting the dispute to arbitration.
With signs growing that shoppers were returning to the major supermarkets, striking grocery workers suddenly pulled their pickets from all 249 Southern California Ralphs stores Friday in an attempt to tighten the vise on Vons and Albertson's.