strike-slip fault

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a geological fault in which one of the adjacent surfaces appears to have moved horizontally

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In this paper, wrinkling of buried pipeline crossing the strike-slip fault was investigated by finite element method, considering the soil-pipeline interaction.
1995a, b) characterized the fault as a northeast-striking, predominately dextral, strike-slip fault zone, dipping in places to either the northwest or southeast with a vertical displacement of approximately 1600 m down to the south.
They calculated how the monster 2004 and 2005 quakes changed stress patterns in the Earth's crust and found that releasing stress on the faults diving under Sumatra to the northeast actually raised stress in the strike-slip faults in the Indian Ocean.
Why is an underwater earthquake generated at a strike-slip fault less productive at creating a tsunami than one generated at a thrust fault?
The earthquake was caused by a right-lateral strike-slip fault.
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, geophysics graduate student Kaiwen Xia, aeronautics and mechanical engineering professor Ares Rosakis, and geophysics professor Hiroo Kanamori have demonstrated for the first time that a very fast, spontaneously generated rupture known as "super-shear" can take place on large strike-slip faults like the San Andreas.
This process of 'deformation' results in the formation of geological structures such as folds, thrust faults and strike-slip faults (Figure 4).
These margins are characterized by a shelf that can be as narrow as a few kilometers and a complex amalgamation of islands, banks, and basins that form in response to the geometry of the strike-slip fault zone.
Tabriz fault--a strike-slip fault located at an 8km distance from Tabriz--has the highest rate of seismic records within the last 1500 years such that the earthquake occurred in Tabriz and Azerbaijan district in 1721 has been historically recorded as the most destructive earthquake.
1) The 1993 mainshock indicated normal and strike-slip fault dipping 34[degrees] to the northwest and striking N 21[degrees]E;
3 When a strike-slip fault ruptures, plates on either side of the fault
Four additional strike-slip fault corridors recognized in the post-Acadian succession of southern Gaspe are described below.
The Trough is bounded to the east by the Sierra Madre volcanic arc, to the west by the Zambales ophiolite complex, and to the south by a major strike-slip fault separating it from the Mindoro-Palawan area.
The Turkey earthquake occurred along a strike-slip fault, similar to the San Andreas fault that runs beneath California.
During the shock, land jerked forward along a 250-kilometer-long stretch of the strike-slip fault.