strike-slip fault

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a geological fault in which one of the adjacent surfaces appears to have moved horizontally

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The Caldiran fault located in the same region is another strike-slip fault that is in compliance with the 1976 earthquake (Ms:7.
The structural relationship between the Surghar Range and Kalabagh Hills was explained by a north-south trending strike-slip fault, which is responsible for 8-10 km offset between the Surghar Range and Kalabagh Hills.
In this paper, wrinkling of buried pipeline crossing the strike-slip fault was investigated by finite element method, considering the soil-pipeline interaction.
They calculated how the monster 2004 and 2005 quakes changed stress patterns in the Earth's crust and found that releasing stress on the faults diving under Sumatra to the northeast actually raised stress in the strike-slip faults in the Indian Ocean.
News reports began to immediately convey the seriousness of the disaster soon after the shaking subsided along the strike-slip fault, a phenomenon that occurs when two parts of the earths crust slide past each other.
Diagram #1 shows a reverse fault; #2 shows a strike-slip fault.
The quake occurred along a strike-slip fault, where two plates grind against each other in opposite directions.
The Adana-Ceyhan (June 27, 1998) earthquake was caused by the left-lateral strike-slip fault which generated an earthquake with [M.
In the case of a strike-slip fault like the San Andreas, the lab results indicate that the rupture needs to rip along for about 100 kilometers and the magnitude must be about 7.
Have students develop a model of a strike-slip fault.
occurred on the Denali fault, one of the longest strike-slip fault systems that cuts through a continent anywhere in the world.
In contrast, in the northern region, deformation was predominantly brittle faulting associated with the numerous large-scale strike-slip fault zones.