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money paid to strikers from union funds

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Although the union did manage to provide strike pay for the entire strike, workers could not make ends meet with the amount--between $50 and $100 a week--and so financial need forced many striking Muckamuck employees to seek temporary employment elsewhere.
STRIKE pay was increased yesterday to British Airways cabin crew as they launched their latest wave of five-day walkouts in their bitter row with the airline.
Mr Woodley also revealed the union had paid out almost pounds 1m in strike pay, pledging Unite would not allow the airline to "starve" staff back to work.
Joint leader Tony Woodley said the move was "unprecedented" and would raise Au700,000, which will go on strike pay and other ways of supporting union members involved in the dispute.
If the strike pay them BD10 or 20 to keep them going.
This was then made into food parcels, to help sustain the miners' families on their meagre strike pay.
We're not getting strike pay or residuals or anything," Bakeman said.
Neil Bendelow, area processing representative for the Communication Workers' Union (CWU), said RoyalMailmanagement had pledged to deduct two days strike pay this week and two days next week.
Finally, you can "scambait" the scammers, leading them on in thinking they're about to strike pay dirt with you.
6) Currently, strike pay is excluded from taxation under the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Fries v.
Those on strike received strike pay and returned for within a few pence a week of the original offer.
Roche Holding expects to strike pay dirt with genetic testing.
At its height, says Yeates, thousands of families were dependent for survival on strike pay and more families were dependent on private charity.
Those members, many of whom had developed long-time friendships with the building managers, suffered with $7 a day in strike pay so long as they showed up in that bitterly cold month to walk picket lines over the humongous mounds of snow that filled the streets and sidewalks of the city.
The members of United Paper Workers International Union Local 7837, the Staley local, have grimly endured the lockout on part-time jobs and $60-a-week strike pay for almost three years.