strike home

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Synonyms for strike home

refer to or be relevant or familiar to

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But Lunt set up Manset to strike home the winner in the 71st minute with Hereford then enduring a few anxious moments before securing their third-round place.
The striker was on hand to strike home a loose ball from close range after 60 minutes as the Millers got back to winning ways after two successive defeats.
The rout was complete two minutes from time when new boy Kyle Naughton crossed for Lennon to strike home.
Anyone up on their star signs knows them as the never-say-die breed who shoot arrows at the moon in the earnest hope that one day they just might strike home.
James Coppinger's shot deflected to James Hayter, who slipped the ball to Price to strike home.
Catubig's Daisy and Minerva Vier as Lolita Luna, a B-movie star turned sexual plaything to the general, strike home as well.