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in actual fact

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Although the tins do not contain rice, so are not strictly speaking ready meals, Princes claimed the meat dishes would appeal to consumers who wanted a convenient "cupboard staple" alternative to frozen ready meals.
For practical purposes, the West Bank construction freeze has not, strictly speaking, involved a total moratorium on building.
Further, Whispers was told, the gains realized from that policy were not, strictly speaking, counted as income, because the value of the BOLI investment falls with a death benefit payout.
Caitlin Rose - Dead Flowers Strictly speaking, this is an EP, but at seven tracks long it deserves an album review.
While strictly speaking the new materials easing themselves on to the market are not polymers in the sense of new and different combinations of monomers, they are a step beyond the conventional alloying of polymers.
Strictly speaking a servant is simply someone employed.
It was a capital offence in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and, strictly speaking, should still be.
The word "unmentionable" does not, strictly speaking, mean something that is inappropriate; it can also mean something that words can't describe well.
However, the early implementation of the amendment strictly speaking only assists with cases where a local authority is acting under the 1995 Act.
The Presidential candidacy of Barack Obama was strictly speaking the Story of the Week but the agenda really belonged to his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright.
She had strong links with Coventry but strictly speaking, was a famous "Nuneaton" novelist.
It turns out that strictly speaking, most plants rely more on arbuscular mycorrhizal mycelia than on roots to acquire nutrients from the soil.
That's probably true, strictly speaking, but if you were a bookmaker would you really consider that particular wager too risky to accept?
For what Mr Langley meant by art was Italian art' strictly speaking Italian Renaissance art' and even more strictly speaking, Italian Renaissance art from Giotto to Raphael.
Strictly speaking, a pedophile has "recurrent, intense sexual urges or sexually arousing fantasies of engaging in sexual activity with a prepubertal child" (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 28th ed.