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any of a number of tiny parallel grooves such as: the scratches left by a glacier on rocks or the streaks or ridges in muscle tissue


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a stripe or stripes of contrasting color

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It was demonstrated that for the 60/40 PP/PA6 blend, the PM domains are transformed from large particles to short striations and to small droplets finally in shear mixing, whereas the morphology develops through transitions from lamellas to thick striations and finally to a partially continuous structure in chaotic mixing.
Key words: edge detection; firearms identification; morphology; topography; striation mark.
Five ultrasculpture types, and a smooth condition of the surface have also been documented (Marss accepted): (1) fine striation on Thelodontiformes, Shieliiformes, Phlebolepidiformes, and Barlowodidae, (2) wavy transverse lamellae on Furcacaudiformes, (3) irregular polygons on Oeselia, (4) irregular micronodules, and (5) short v-shaped slits, both on the scales of yet undescribed Canadian thelodonts.
Further, the initial abrasive wheel used for scarf-grinding tends to leave striations that could lead to the development of cracks.
It is important to note that, despite its "continuous variation," jazz begins in or develops out of striation, out of the common melody upon which it improvises.
The ballasts are also designed for stable output, providing smooth dimming with minimal flicker or striation.
Shaw debuted the new Caprice line, a ribbed, textured loop with a printed base that features the ombre space dying technique for color striation.
Each incremental advance of the crack front results in the formation of a striation on the fracture surface (Fig.
2] (belites) polymorphs and through observation of distinct striation patterns identified the occurrence of ferrite (4CaO*[Al.
In the case of laminar mixing, the size may be the striation thickness of a hypothetical fluid element, which is inversely related to the total shear strain.
Apparently the celebratory power of Beethoven's final symphony can triumph over any cultural striation.
Microscopically these muscles had multiple foci of myofiber fragmentation, loss of striation, and necrosis; a mononuclear cell infiltrate was observed in muscle from two birds.
Most frequently used to measure the degree of mixing in a system are gross uniformity and intensity of segregation [1], scale of segregation [26], and striation thickness [27].
For example, the layer formation law for the Kenics static mixer is based on the idea that the Kenics behaves just as a Baker's map in which the number of striations doubles through each mixer element and the thickness of each striation is cut in half.