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Synonyms for striate

to mark with a line or band, as of different color or texture

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mark with striae or striations

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One of the fundamental tasks of the State is to striate the space over which it reigns.
It is in this sense that the response of the State against all that threatens to move beyond it is to striate space" (386).
Musclewhite's connection to the police force reminds us that the conventional detective himself participates in this effort to striate space by containing both the crime and its repercussions as well as the criminal, or, in effect, all that threatens to disrupt the boundaries by which the State defines itself and its claims to power.
They explain, "What interests us in operations of striation and smoothing are precisely the passages or combinations: how the forces at work within space continually striate it, and how in the course of its striation it develops other forces and emits new smooth spaces.
Following Deleuze and Guattari, one might argue that not only are the Atonist efforts to striate all space unable to contain Jes Grew, but, ultimately, the effort at striation in this case has the reverse effect and actually "emits new smooth spaces" (500), or at least those spaces at the crossroads that defy the one-way logic the Atonists wish to impose on all peoples and places.