striated muscle fiber

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The aim of this study was to determine the effect of exercise activity during routine police work for 10 months on the structural and metabolic pattern of skeletal striated muscle fibers in the gluteus medius muscles of young BH horses by histochemical analyses of m-ATPase and NADH-TR.
No Sharpey's fibers were seen at the attachment of the muscle to the interosseous ligament; to the contrary, there was a smooth transition from striated muscle fibers to the dense connective tissue of the interosseous ligament.
The striated muscle fibers that form the body of the CS musculature have endocardium on their inner surface, epicardium on their external surface, and bear no anatomic relationship to the left atrium.
Histologic examination identified benign striated muscle fibers, most of which were grouped in small fascicles, oriented haphazardly, and separated by fibrous tissue that contained areas of adipose tissue and small nerve fascicles (figure 2, A through D).
However, both proteins were also found in striated muscle fibers within malignant teratomas [28] and in diseased (regenerating) adult skeletal muscle, thus indicating reexpression of early genes during regenerative processes.
Physiology of obliquely striated muscle fibers within Grillotia erinaceus metacestodes (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha).
A layer of striated muscle fibers has been found in the DAA of a number of macruran species including H.