striated muscle

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The musculature of the avian iris is mainly composed of striated muscle fibers, (1,2) and parasympatholytic agents used in mammals to induce mydriasis are ineffective in birds.
It is commonly assumed that if striated muscles are activated, they are publically observed, and hence may be subsumed entire under an operant analysis.
No Sharpey's fibers were seen at the attachment of the muscle to the interosseous ligament; to the contrary, there was a smooth transition from striated muscle fibers to the dense connective tissue of the interosseous ligament.
Striated muscles consist of long cylindrical cells, called muscle fibres.
The host was determined to be striated muscle tissue of the myocardium (heart).
Deciphering the mysteries of myoglobin in striated muscle.
The results for IgG antibodies to both smooth and striated muscle are shown in Table 3.
But where there are parallel fibers, such as in the brain's white matter or in striated muscle, water molecules tend to diffuse anisotropically, along the direction of the fiber.
These structures were the exoskeleton, hypodermal layer, tracheae (a portion of the respiratory tract), digestive tract, striated muscle, head, posterior end, and developing eggs.
Cutting patterns for beef, pork, lamb, game, poultry and fish am featured, plus a number of invertebrates such as crabs, lobsters, shrimps, squid and scallop that also produce striated muscle.
Until 1960, most of the work on the esophagus had been done on the striated muscle esophagus found in dogs.
He concludes, therefore, that "alcohol is a toxin for striated muscle regardless of where it is.
Regardless of the percentage of CK activity represented by the MB fraction, the absolute concentration is also significant but does not necessarily reflect damage to mayocardial tissue--all striated muscle contains small amounts of MB activity.
These and other topics are illustrated with case studies motivated by biomedical applications, such as vibration of air in the air canal, hyperthermia treatment of tumours, striated muscle memory, biphasic model of cartilage and adaptive elasticity of bone.