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Synonyms for stretchy

capable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape


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The stretchy section of the protein may not spiral in the way Lewis describes, cautions John Gosline, a bio-mechanic at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
The sphere acts as if it were made of a stretchy though delicate material that readily passes through itself but self-destructs if punctured or sharply pinched.
Pop culture couture also has resurfaced with inspiration from Christian Dior, whether it's his 1947-inspired handbag or '70s-era plexiglass rings, logo cuffs and stretchy bracelets with chunks of color.
The tubes we call arteries meet the body's everchanging demand for nourishing blood by dilating and constricting, a process that requires a stretchy vessel wall.
Always practical, Dart said he made everything in stretchy fabrics for maximum movement.
The resulting "polymer-in-salt" material has the consistency of rubber cement, making it stretchy enough to withstand changes in volume during the discharging and recharging of a battery And it readily conducts lithium ions.
And Stretchy CatDog, made entirely of latex, sells for $7.
The fibers are made of an unusually long-lived and stretchy structural protein known as elastin.
The transistors and diodes are fashioned out of a stretchy material called polyacetylene, a collection of long, zigzagging chains of carbon atoms.
Whatever the reason, the look suits her well, say designers, including Ralph Lauren, who flooded his fall fashion shows with smartly tailored pinstriped suits; Donatella Versace, who prefers slim pants in stretchy fabrics with long coats; and Los Angeles designer Trina Turk, who based her beige, no-frills pantsuits on those of the '70s.
You'll see it often this year in stretchy fabrics with full, fluid pants.
Electronic skin should be not only sensitive to pressure but also lightweight, durable, stretchy, pliable, and self-healing, just like real skin.
The lad, known only as Daniel, lifted a stretchy man toy from Whitelee Windfarm thinking his mother had paid.
But this new material, in addition to being extraordinarily stretchy, has remarkable self-healing characteristics.