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Synonyms for stretchiness

the capacity for being stretched

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James found that mozzarella has just the right amounts of moisture, oil, and stretchiness to make a perfect pizza.
Try cutting up an old woolly jumper which will make a perfect basket liner, retaining moisture but providing enough stretchiness to allow you to plant easily.
The vessels were tested for suture strength, stretchiness and ability to withstand pressure.
In addition to joint hypermobility, key diagnostic features include such skin changes as increased stretchiness, paper-thin scars, striae atrophicae, and features of a marfanoid habitus.
When it combines that synthetic fiber, when you pull out a wipe from a canister or other package, you notice its stretchiness.
It also indicates, in Schutz's case, garish and viscerally satisfying color; extreme yet always reversible distortion; humor of the dismemberment-is-libidinally-liberating kind; a stretchiness of mass and contour, so that persons, objects, and settings interpenetrate; and a sense of narrative constructed through simple gestures.
SPIDER-MAN 3 aside, even Hollywood can't go far wrong with big screen adaptations of Marvel Comics superheroes and the opener chronicled how the quartet - Dr Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), his now fiancee Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), her brash brother Johnny (Chris Evans) and gruff pilot Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) - acquired their powers of stretchiness, invisibility, fiery flight and rock hard strength.
In these proceedings of the May 2005 colloquium that bears their names, contributors present new research and also some expository material in such studies as uniformly exponential growth and mapping of class groups of surfaces, curvature and stretchiness and their relation to dynamics, some special loci in the Segal space of genus two, a new approach to the automorphism theorem for Teichmuller spaces, the energy of twisted harmonic maps of Riemann spaces, small eigenvalues and maximal laminations on complete surfaces of negative curvature, a generalized hyperbolic metric for plane domains, random hyperbolic surfaces and measured laminations and, as befitting, a survey of the complete analyst's traveling salesman theorems.
Our guru had three other teachers on hand giving one to one attention, pushing and persuading resistant muscles to infinite stretchiness.
The Mitt also boasts Schoeller Stretch Cordura fabric, which offers added stretchiness for a snug fit and more protection against the elements.
The elastic collagen fibres lose their elasticity, resulting in permanent loss of stretchiness and permanent wrinkling.
The revolutionary technique uses the stretchiness or elasticity of each cell to decide whether or not it is cancerous.
But stretchiness only accounts for one part of the chameleon's long-distance lick.