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Synonyms for stretchable

capable of being extended or expanded

Synonyms for stretchable

capable of being easily stretched and resuming former size or shape


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18 ( ANI ): A new stretchable electronics has been found for stroke recovery treatment which has proven to be a game changer.
The display is stretchable by as much as 45 percent of its original length.
While new manufacturing techniques, innovations in material design and advancements in nanotechnology have allowed researchers to create thin, soft and stretchable wearable electronics, the UC San Diego engineers note in a recent paper that "a key challenge to enable adoption in practical use cases is the lack of correspondingly thin wearable energy sources.
Semiconductors are usually brittle and incorporating them into stretchable materials usually involves complicated procedures, Yu said in the statement, making the resulting materials both less stable and more expensive than the new material created by his team.
1-inch stretchable OLED display a name, nor has it given out any details about any specific products that will sport the new display.
The researchers fabricated metasurface (flat nanostructured surfaces with subwavelength thickness) holograms on a stretchable polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate containing gold nano-rods.
Unfortunately, silicon materials cannot be used in stretchable electronics.
By contrast, a highly-stretchable elastomer such as a household rubber band, with 200% to 400% elongation at break, would break at about 6 to 8 yards; while a high-performance stretchable elastomer with 1000% elongation at break would extend to about 20 meters.
ClickPress, Sun Jul 26 2015] Stretchable Electronics Market by Component (Battery, Conductor, Circuit, Electroactive Polymer and Others), Application (Health Care, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Electronics, Textile, Aerospace & Defense And Others), Geography - Trends & Forecast to 2015-2023
Described as a "professional at-home beauty shapewear mask," it is made from stretchable LaceTex gauze--a combination of cotton and lace--and is designed to soothe, balance and tighten skin.
It is great solution for digital printing on stretchable, non-stretchable and hard to handle fabrics.
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a stretchable antenna that can be incorporated into wearable technologies, such as health monitoring devices.
This soft, flexible, stretchable tubing is said to have good recovery and is more resistant to ozone than natural rubber latex tubing.
Imec works on stretchable electronic circuits that can follow the random 3D shape of an object or body part, such as light sources for integration in textiles, and also develops an UltraThin Chip Package (UTCP), which greatly reduces the thickness (<100[micro]) and weight of packaged chips.
The stretchable material in the Right-Fit zone is designed to keep the Elite snug and smooth and the shoulders feature a unique silicone print that keeps backpacks and slings from slipping while walking in the field.