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Synonyms for stretchability

the capacity for being stretched

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However, Pampers Baby Dry's recent introduction of caterpillar stretch side panels as well as new stretchable tabs introduced on the Especially For Baby brand sold at Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores are responding to the consumer demand for stretchability at lower price points.
The ability of nonwovens and films to incorporate stretchability has largely been achieved on the polymer level.
Stretchability has been an important innovation behind the development of pull-on style disposable underwear, which are designed for more active adult incontinence sufferers.
nanofillers, especially at high concentrations, cause decrement in the stretchability of the materials.
The experimental comparison in the edge stretchability of AHSS among standard punched hole, drilled hole and laser cut hole was conducted by Konieczny et al.
Low-gauge PE wicket poultry bags with enhanced stretchability
Learn how to adjust your sewing techniques to their unique construction and stretchability in order to sew amazing knit projects year-round.
I get that the subject is itself a dizzying whirl, and that Dombek is forcing us to inhabit the conceptual mushiness and infinite stretchability of "narcissism" as currently deployed.
As electronic technology develops, TFT devices will be a necessary component in next-generation devices requiring transparency, flexibility and stretchability.
The researchers recommend future investigations build on the flexibility and stretchability of CNT-based TCFs by improving their manufacturing and conductivity to make them worthy contenders for wearable optoelectronics.
Also at IDEA, CCS showcased technology for adult pant underwear and adult briefs, two areas that are growing globally and require stretchability, body fit and elasticity.
They also exhibit unique performance characteristics such as toughness, resilience, stretchability, and stiffness.
Furthermore, in general, women's lumbar spine is proportionately longer and has better muscle stretchability, which leads to increased mobility of this region (32).
As anyone with a favorite T-shirt can attest, knits are indispensible for their comfort, breathability, and stretchability.
The researchers also maintain that additives like carbon black can be homogenized well due to this polymer's low bulk density, and that such additives do not affect the hot stretchability of formed tapes.