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The workers who slept less than 8 hours in a day were twice as much stressed as compared to those who slept more than 8 hours.
In general, the participants mainly stressed first syllables in these bi-syllabic root words.
For instance, researchers at Ohio State discovered that the flu vaccine is less effective if you're stressed when you get the shot.
Growing use of experts directly attacked that vital component of nervous breakdown that had proudly stressed self-help in diagnosis and cute.
Often people feel more stressed during allergy season, simply because they aren't breathing correctly.
Do you expect to feel stressed, or were you stressed, during your graduate seminar?
Uncertainty, Credit Migration, Stressed Scenarios and Portfolio Losses Jorge Sobehart
From the telomere lengths, the researchers estimate that cells from the highly stressed women resembled cells of low-stressed volunteers who were 10 years older.
No one can fix a dollar amount on the welling of emotion, the additional stress, and the devastation felt by the agency's officers, their families, and, most of all, the family of the officer stressed to the point of committing suicide.
So aside from pleasing Mom and deterring furry critters from nesting in your room, a clean, organized space makes for a less stressed you.
When polarized light passes through a stressed plastic, the components of the light wave that are parallel and perpendicular to the direction of the stress propagate through the plastic at different speeds.
He often works with stressed and burnt out executives.
Dew, Phillips, and Reiss (1989) stressed the importance of family involvement in the rehabilitation process in order to achieve more successful outcomes and recommended a family systems approach for understanding family identity and problem-solving style.
In this stress relaxation process, the chains shift to less stressed positions each chain taking a time interval to relax which is, characteristic of its size, shape and spatial arrangement.
The upgrades are due to the improved performance of seven of the eight loans in the transaction based on year-end (YE) 2005 Fitch stressed net cash flow (NCF), as well as the continued payoff of loans.