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any of various plants of the genus Streptocarpus having leaves in a basal rosette and flowers like primroses

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70-80 Bird of paradise Strelitzia reginae 60-85 Bottlebrush Callistemon citrinus, 45-65 Callistemon speciosus Bougainvillea Bougainvillea 50-80 Bouvardia Bouvardia x domestica 55-60 Brassia Brassia 65-70 Bromeliad Tillandsia cyanea 75-85 Bromeliad Vriesia splendens 65-70 Browallia Browallia 65-75 Brunsfelsia Brunsfelsia 55-60 Calla lily Zantedeschia 50-65 elliottiana Camellia Camellia japonica, 50 Camellia sinensis Cape primrose Streptocarpus x 65-70 hybridus Chenille plant Acalypha 60-65 Cineraria Cineraria grandiflora 60-70 Coleus Coleus fredericii, 75 Coleus thyrsoideus Crossandra Crossandra 64 infindibuliformis Cyclamen Cyclamen persicum 46-50 Cymbidium orchid Cymbidium spp.
Q My streptocarpus is really big and some of the leaves are very scruffy.
The family firm specialises in developing and growing colourful streptocarpus plants.
Rosy red, pink, and purple streptocarpus can make their own show in a cool room.
Photo: Lifted into viewon tree stumps of varying heights, pots of begonias, streptocarpus, and ferns produce a colorful tiered display in Ruth Kieswetter's Santa Barbara garden
The long days with toddlers became a long-distant memory, our contribution to horticulture becoming mostly informational, supplying a Nicotiana here, an Alchemilla Mollis there, a Sorbus or Streptocarpus whenever pressed to.
STREP IN RIGHT DIRECTION: The very best growers of streptocarpus in the country have sent me a box with four young plants in it.
Saintpaulia and species of Streptocarpus (Gesneriaceae) are enantiostylous (Harrison et al.
Yet if you were to speak to avid collectors of plants, they would speak of their orchids, streptocarpus (a close relative of African violets), cane begonias with stems reaching 3 feet or more and bearing clusters of "angel-winged" flowers, the fibrous-rooted "wax" begonias that likely had spent the summer flowering in tubs, urns or in the ground, bromeliads and perhaps a fancy or scented leaf geranium, as well as a score or more green or variegated leaf plants.
Sow seeds of greenhouse plants such as coleus, gloxinias and streptocarpus in seed trays in a heated propagator.
The British Streptocarpus Society will be showing for the first time and the North of England Bonsai Association promises a spectacular display.
Even the traditional inhabitants of the windowsill such as kalanchoe (flaming Katy), streptocarpus and beleperone (shrimp plant) make superb bedding plants and will look cracking in their new surroundings.
Oakland Nurseries is introducing a new range of virus-free cannas and new streptocarpus from Holland, and Peter J Smith will be pushing the Hero's Lily to raise funds for the Royal Star & Garter Home for ex-servicemen.
Nonetheless, using rich potting composts with fine, dust-sized seeds such as campanula, sedum, streptocarpus, verbascum and mesembryanthemum isn't a good idea.