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Synonyms for strenuously

in a violent, strenuous way

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May it please the court, the state has claimed, strenuously and persistently, that the bloodstained fingerprints upon that knife handle were left there by the assassin of Judge Driscoll.
To me she was strenuously civil in her uncouth way.
But Philip was impatient with himself; he called to mind his idea of the pattern of life: the unhappiness he had suffered was no more than part of a decoration which was elaborate and beautiful; he told himself strenuously that he must accept with gaiety everything, dreariness and excitement, pleasure and pain, because it added to the richness of the design.
As this Apsheron battalion marched by, the red-faced Miloradovich, without his greatcoat, with his Orders on his breast and an enormous tuft of plumes in his cocked hat worn on one side with its corners front and back, galloped strenuously forward, and with a dashing salute reined in his horse before the Emperor.
Pickwick contemplated a matrimonial alliance; but this idea the ladies most strenuously repudiated.
Did you not put two and two together, and reflect that if it was not Alfred Inglethorp who was quarrelling with his wife--and you remember, he strenuously denied it at the inquest--it must be either Lawrence or John.
Dorcas, faithful to her "young gentlemen," denied strenuously that it could have been John's voice she heard, and resolutely declared, in the teeth of everything, that it was Mr.
I have the honor to say that my principal strenuously objects to the hour chosen, and begs you will consent to change it to half past nine.
Wingfield most strenuously recommended it, siror we should not have gone.
As he ran with his com- rades he strenuously tried to think, but all he knew was that if he fell down those coming behind would tread upon him.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim called on the political blocs to work strenuously to approve oil and gas law.
Nicholls' solicitor Mark Haslam said: "As far as my client is concerned, both allegations are strenuously denied.
Riyadh, Muharram 5, 1435, Nov 8, 2013, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Called on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to shoulder, strenuously and devoutly, its responsibilities and turn its sayings into actions, to meet member states' interests.
He has strenuously denied the claims being investigated by the police.
Yesterday solicitor-advocate Simon McKay said: "I wish to state clearly that he strenuously denies the allegation.