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Antonyms for strengthening

becoming stronger

the act of increasing the strength of something

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The aim of this study was to investigate to what extend strengthening of individual muscle or muscle group would affect muscles activation.
Previous studies have reported that use of eccentric strengthening in patients with Achilles tendinopathy is effective in reducing pain (Knobloch et al.
Collagen Boost Fortify Strengthening Treatment (pounds 9.
2002, and Krevaikas & Triantafillou, 2005, showed that strengthening of masonry columns with glass fiber fabric increased carrying capacity up to 300%.
I look forward to gathering valuable input that I can bring back to Washington as my colleagues and I begin the process of strengthening No Child Left Behind," he said in a statement.
This report describes the results of a 2006 formative study by the Family Strengthening Policy Center, National Human Services Assembly to collect quantitative and anecdotal evidence that since 2003 the human services field has integrated place-based, family-strengthening approaches into their policies, programs, and practices.
Now in an updated second edition, Strengthening Family Resilience is a guide for both families and therapists by Froma Walsh, who has received awards for her leadership in the field of family therapy from the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and AFTA.
The purpose of this study was to examine how family camps are strengthening families.
When people bemoan the loss of the ability to run as they did in, say, college due to knee pain, they often simply need to strengthen their quadriceps muscles (see the strengthening exercises discussed below).
A large part of that strengthening involves a huge new financial infusion to the world body--much of it to come from the already bankrupt and over-indebted U.
Furthermore, when action research is focused on counseling outcomes--for example, research questions that address what the counseling program is doing to facilitate student success and how students benefit from the activities provided by the counseling program (Johnson)--the potential contribution to strengthening public perception of the value of school counseling is greater.
Once you have strengthened your core, the next step is toning and strengthening your upper body.
In addition to our assistance aimed at strengthening democratic institutions, the U.
Pilates also places a strong emphasis on strengthening the "core," the abdomen as well as the back.
Our first strategy is to prescribe a full-body strengthening program, paying special attention to the gluteals, quadriceps, abductors (lateral thigh), adductors (medical thigh), hamstrings, and calves.
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